Website Auditing

Website audit

Why audit websites?

Before spending any budget on any form of marketing it is essential your website (which is typically where you will close business) is up to the job. Does it display correctly for every visitor? Are you getting the most from natural search rankings? Can people with disabilities access your website?

If you are not sure of the answers, talk to our website auditing team and don't take risks that could reduce your audience and limit your conversion rates.

Ensure ROI on your website

It is a considerable investment, but it can be difficult to know the underlying quality of your website.

Your website may look good when you view it yourself, but if it is not designed to certain standards it can have a serious impact on its effectiveness.

Websites should be developed to standards laid down by The World Wide Web Consortium. If they are not, your website:

  1. might not be indexed by search engines, preventing people from finding it
  2. might not display correctly in current and future browsers, devices and operating systems
  3. might not be accessible by people with disabilities
  4. might be easy to hack

Reducing your audience or leaving your website open to hacking can have serious business consequences.

How we audit your website

We can perform extensive tests on your website including:

  • HTML compliance
  • testing correct rendering with different browsers, browser versions, operating systems and devices
  • Performance profiling
  • Search engine visibility
  • Search engine issues and recommendations
  • Meta data
  • Hacker resilience
  • Broken internal and external links
  • Compliance to section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • and much more

We can tailor our audit plan to suit your website and budget.


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