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Professional actors that become part of your website

Using a live personality on your website increases site conversions and delivers a lasting positive impression.

Proven Results

A Web Presenter provides a completely new medium through which to communicate with your site visitors by embedding a live personality directly on the page. It immediately grabs interest and delivers aesthetic appeal that holds their attention.

The results are impressive, but easy to understand. A Web Presenter achieves better communication through the power of face-to-face eye contact communication that builds trust, triggers emotion and captures a memorable tone and style while communicating the essence of your message. A web presenter like this could be talking to your customers sooner than you think.

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Our production team manage all the creative stages from receiving and interpreting your initial requirements through the development of a concept, selection of talent, creation of a script, studio recording of the presenter and editing of the recording. This is followed by development of graphics and animation as required, compiling of the content into a file capable of running on your website, we then install the web presenter video(s) into your website either as part of a web development project or into your existing website. We can also provide the media and instructions for your own web developer if you prefer.


Having fully understood your requirements we then develop an overall idea or concept for the Web Presenter content and as necessary any associated graphic elements. Depending upon complexity this will be conveyed to you in text or as a story board to give you the opportunity to provide input and influence the creative process.


You will be given a list of professional presenters to choose from, all of whom have come through the strict audition process.  We will advise you as to the best presenter that fits with the look, feel and style of your site.


Animated graphics can be created that are synchronised to the presenter's delivery helping to reinforce the message and provide further stimulus to hold audience attention. These graphics can also form part of the clickable interactive content on the page for additional navigation as required.


The video and where appropriate graphics content is then compiled into a complete sequence in Flash format by our media development team.


Once installed on your website the Web Presenter is a walking talking image of a person on your website. The first thing you notice is its high-resolution appearance with perfectly clean edges crystal clear sound and an almost instant speed of loading.

This immediate impression of quality and reliability delivers the platform for a talented performance of the presenter, a carefully crafted script and an innovative treatment of the content all of which contributes to a highly effective communication to your web page visitor.

High resolution

Content is achieved through meticulous attention to lighting and production detail and High Definition (1920 by 1080) studio recording using the latest colour separation overlay and vector keying techniques.

The image quality is carefully preserved throughout all stages of postproduction and the resulting motion image has the equivalent appearance to any high-resolution still photograph on the page.



We consult closely with you to fully understand your objectives, style and the tone of voice you wish to convey. We gather as much information as possible from your existing content and to further discussion with you as necessary. Our experienced producer director will take your project through its various stages to completion.


Either you provide a script or our professional scriptwriters can write the scripts for you.


Recording is carried out at our specially equipped studio. Presenters use autocue to ensure that they are word perfect and that the all important eye contact is maintained.  Over years we have perfected many in studio techniques that maximise quality and minimise file size while providing an interesting and animated delivery.

If your job requires several videos using the same talent, these are recorded at the same session to ensure consistency and at a nominal additional charge.


Once recorded the raw video content is then edited and keyed to provide the final video component that will be used on the web page. This editing process can add a great deal of visual creativity as the basic recording can be digitally manipulated and composed in three dimensions to deliver the required effect.


Our Web Development Team are then ready to incorporate the videos directly into the web page or we can provide the media, assets and installation instructions for your own web designer.

Fast loading speed

The fast loading speed and its reliability is due to its low file size that belies its quality appearance and audio fidelity.


Using flash as its basic delivery format the Web Presenter is accessible by over 98% of all Internet users with a broadband connection across all available browsers.

If the appropriate Flash plug-in is not available to play the video, alternative content can be displayed without worrying plug-in installation requests.

The content can also function intelligently, automatically playing on the first viewing and on demand thereafter.


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