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As a photographer, it's all about the image. Our previous sites in Wordpress and Joomla had somehow managed to miss that point. 4DPrime brought us a fresh view not just on how web sites can be built and maintained but also a view on our business and what we were trying to achieve.

We don't want to work with suppliers, we want to work with business partners and that is how we viewed our web build with 4DPrime. This synergistic approach led to ideas being shared and 4DPrime designing and developing a site, that should have been so obvious to us, but wasn't. It's all about the image.

Our site now, is incredibly easy to maintain, and importantly, easy to link articles (bits of content; images, text, video) to multiple sections and ensure that content relevant to each image can be displayed together. It's the most straightforward site I've ever used in the back end. For the first time, we have full, quick and easy access to the whole of our site and means we can offer a much more dynamic service to our clients and, that adds real value. We think we have a site that we've not seen ever before. Unique sells.

The 'responsive' layout was new to us, but with our clients being on the go, mobile and tech savvy, the ability to offer a site that runs on mobile platforms and responds to the screen real estate, is a massive plus. Good work guys, extremely pleased.

Gareth Hector


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