NHS Health Matters App

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NHS Health Matters App

The NHS commissioned us to design and develop an app that promotes a more proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Matters app included a comprehensive set of tools to guide and motivate people towards a more healthy lifestyle.


The app helps people improve their lifestyle by tracking and improving on various aspects of life.


Tracking walks and runs helps to promote a more active lifestyle by providing the ability to monitor progress and set achievable goals. Recording achievements creates a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue engaging in physical activities, ultimately leading to improved overall health and fitness.


Recording snacks and meals plays a pivotal role in establishing a healthier relationship with food. By documenting our dietary choices, the app allows users to become more conscious of what we consume, enabling them to make informed decisions. This practice cultivates mindful eating habits, promotes balanced nutrition aids in maintaining a healthy weight.


Adequate sleep is essential for maintaining good health. By prioritizing and tracking our sleep patterns, the app allows users to gain insights into their quality and duration of rest. Understanding their sleep enables them to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments, helping to foster a better sleep routine and optimize overall well-being.


Addressing smoking habits is crucial for a healthier lifestyle. The app motivates reduction or quitting smoking by explaining the medical improvement timeline and cost savings.


Monitoring and tracking mood helps individuals develop a deeper understanding of their emotional well-being. By recognizing patterns, triggers and fluctuations in mood, individuals can implement effective coping strategies or seek professional support when needed. Mood tracking within the app promotes mental well-being and enhances overall quality of life.

Body Mass Index

Understanding and tracking Body Mass Index (BMI) is important for maintaining a healthy weight. By regularly monitoring BMI, users can assess their level of body fat and identify whether they fall within a healthy range. Tracking BMI provides motivation to engage in activities that promote weight management and reduce the risk of obesity-related health issues.

Blood Pressure

Regularly measuring and tracking blood pressure is crucial for a healthier lifestyle. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for various cardiovascular diseases. By monitoring and recording blood pressure levels within the app, individuals can take appropriate actions to manage and reduce it, such as making dietary changes, engaging in regular exercise and seeking medical advice.


Tracking cholesterol levels is vital for maintaining heart health. By monitoring cholesterol, individuals can identify and address high cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of heart disease. Tracking cholesterol within the app encourages healthier dietary choices, regular exercise and, if necessary, seeking medical intervention to manage cholesterol levels effectively.


Monitoring and tracking glucose levels within the app is particularly important for individuals with diabetes or those at risk of developing the condition. Keeping a record of glucose levels helps individuals make appropriate dietary choices, manage medication and insulin dosage and recognize patterns that can impact overall health and well-being.


Tracking alcohol consumption is essential for fostering a healthier lifestyle. By monitoring the amount and frequency of alcohol intake within the app, individuals can make informed decisions about their drinking habits. Tracking alcohol consumption encourages moderation, allows individuals to set limits and promotes a responsible and balanced approach towards alcohol, ultimately supporting overall health and well-being.


The app provides a convenient way to organize and monitor medication schedules, ensuring that doses are taken at the right time and in the correct quantities. Medications can be easily identified from a comprehensive database and clarify potential side effects. All the information needed to empower users to take control of their medication management and promotes better health outcomes.


The app records communication with healthcare caregivers. Whether it’s communicating with doctors, nurses, therapists, or other healthcare professionals, the app serves as a reliable tool to document and track interactions.

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